Shelfari is Down – Wants me to finish my next book

Today, After successfully completing reading yet another book, I wanted to add that to my shelfari account but it shows me the following message.

Shelfari is Down

It wants me to finish another book in the meantime. Does that mean the service is going to be down for another couple of days? I don’t know, maybe others are able to complete a book in a couple of hours.

Ganeshji Marwaha

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  • Jack Vickers

    I was informed “Shelfari is off reading a short novel but will be back soon!” when I tried to go on the site, haha.

  • Maybe Shelfari is running on Amazon EC2 as well? Looks like your blog was not affected by the outage!

  • Ganeshji Marwaha

    @Jack Vickers – Really? 😉

    @Rajasekharan V – 😉 good one, but my blog is not running on EC2. Even if it does, I will always have a DR plan 😉